Singapore Visa

Singapore Tourist Visa

  1. Passport original with minimum 9 months validity
  2. White background photos 3.5 x 4.5 c.m., 80% face coverage & matte finished.
  3. If working, Company id card xerox and last month payslip copy
  4. If the passport is not from Andhra, Karnataka, Kerala or Tamil Nadu, address proof of any Southern state. Address proof can be a letter from his/her company, or rental deed copy, Bank letter/statement, etc.
  5. If husband and wife traveling, and husband name is not there in wife passport, marriage certificate copy should be produced.
  6. If uneducated and signed in the passport in the local language, invitation letter or exact reason of visit should be mentioned.
  7. If a minor, below 18 years is traveling, no objection letter from his/her father should be produced.
  8. If a lady is traveling alone, invitation letter or working details, or purpose of visit should be produced.
  9. Sign on the visa form, please download from the links at the bottom of this page.
  10. Personal covering letter or family covering letters(download them from below)

Visa validity: 35 days multiple entries in 90% cases

Processing time: 6-8 working days

Fee: 3000/-

When Travelling to Singapore:

  • Please make sure to book your up and down tickets
  • Your stay in Singapore with this visa is maximum 30 days at a time
  • Book your hotel before the journey to avoid unnecessary loss of money and time. Or correct address of the invitee with phone number should be there with you.


  • Processing time, documentation may change from time to time
  • If the visa is rejected, visa fees and service charges are not refundable
  • Our office is only a facilitator, we cannot approve or reject visas
  • Always check with our office for the latest information

Downloadable files for applying your Singapore Visa

  1. Singapore Application Form14A
  2. Singapore Personal Covering letter
  3. Family covering letter Singapore
  4. New V39A form from 15 July 2019


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