Qatar Embassy Attestation

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text css_animation_speed=”faster” css_animation_delay=”0″]Qatar embassy needs local attestation on all educational certificates. Because of this, private diploma holders and unrecognized university certificate holders cannot try for Qatar embassy attestation. Qatar embassy attestation on marriage certificate, birth certificate, and other personal and commercial documents do not need the local attestation. The Mantralaya Mumbai process will substitute this local HRD procedure.

Qatar Embassy Attestation Procedures

On non-educational certificates & on private diploma certificates

  1. HRD(Mumbai Mantralaya) or SDM or Local HRD
  2. MEA(Delhi)
  3. Qatar Embassy Attestation(Delhi)

On educational certificates

  1. HRD(from local Secretariat)
  2. MEA(Delhi)
  3. Verification of the certificate(Genuinity checking)
  4. Qatar Embassy Attestation on OD + mark sheet + verification certificate

Note: The applicant should submit a verification letter from the college or university he/she studied. The letter should be on the college/university letter head. The desired format of the letter is available at our office.

There are two processes with us.

  1.    Normal only embassy attestation        Procedure completes in 8 – 12 working days
  2.    Urgent only embassy attestation         Procedure completes in  6 – 8 working days

Normal process                 : 12500(MEA + Embassy on OD + Mark Sheet + Verification Letter)

Urgent process                  : 13500(MEA + Embassy on OD + Mark Sheet + Verification Letter)

The whole process HRD from Notary + Telangana/Andhra Secretariat + MEA + Qatar Attestation on degree certificates will cost: Normal 10-15 working days = 13500 and Urgent 7-10 working days = 15000)

Non-Educational Certificates (Notary Mantralaya/SDM + MEA + Embassy Attestation)

Normal process                 : 5000 (8-12 working days)

Urgent process                  : 6500 (5- 8 working days)

PCC Attestation                : 4500 (4-6 working days if it is issued from passport office, if not 6000)

Note: If local HRD is needed from AP/Telangana Secretariats, Rs.1000/- extra to the above processing charges. (HRD is not applicable for PCC)

Special Attention:

  • Original consolidated marks memo or final year mark sheet has to be attested together with the educational certificate and verification letter
  • To get attestation on experience certificates or Bona fide certificates, the embassy may ask to submit original degree attested by the embassy or copy of the same certificate.
  • The embassy can change the process and documentation even when your attestation is in process.
  • Process time mentioned above is approximate and usually followed, no guarantee or deadline can be given regarding the process time.
  • Local HRD documentation you may check in our website or confirm with our office staff.


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