Oman Embassy Attestation

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Apostille for Oman

Oman Sultanate accepts apostille legalisation. SDM or HRD should precede Apostille. SDM should be done on certificates which cannot get HRD from concerned state. There are two processes to get Apostille:

First Process: Notary + HRD from Local Secretariat  + Apostille from MEA

Normal process                            : 4500 (8-12 working days)

Urgent process                             : 6500 (3-6 working days)

Please Note: These process time and rates are for HRD from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Secretariats. Local HRD time and rates varies from state to state, please check with our office.

Second Process: Notary + Mantralaya HRD/SDM + Apostille from MEA

Normal process                            : 4000 (6-8 working days)

Urgent process                             : 5500 (4-6 working days)

Please Note:

  1. If Apostille is over on a certificate, then Oman Embassy attestation is not needed, and in the same way, if Oman Embassy attestation is done on a certificate, Apostille is not needed.
  2. Always check with our office for latest information regarding attestation.


Oman Embassy Attestation

Oman embassy attestation is a lengthy process which also needs verification from the concerned university.

Documentation below:

  1. Original highest degree duly ‘authenticated’ by the State
  2. Mark sheet copies of all the semesters
  3. Photocopy of passport (both front & back pages)
  4. Offer letter copy

The Embassy sends for VERIFICATION regarding the genuinity from the concerned university. When the University replies if verification is found correct, the Embassy Culture Department attests the document.

On Non-Educational Certificates:

Only Oman Embassy                           : 4000(Attestation is done from Mumbai)

Notary Mantralaya + Oman Embassy                            : 6000(Attestation is done from Mumbai)


Very Important Notice:

  • To get attestation on experience certificates or Bona fide certificates, the embassy may ask to submit original degree attested by the embassy or copy of the same certificate.
  • The embassy can change the process and documentation even when your attestation is in process.
  • Process time mentioned above is approximate and usually followed, no guarantee or deadline can be given regarding the process time.
  • Local HRD documentation you may check in our website or confirm with our office staff.


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