Egypt Embassy Attestation

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text css_animation_speed=”faster” css_animation_delay=”0″]We do Egypt embassy attestation on Degree certificates, Marriage certificates, Birth Certificates and on other personal and company certificates. The procedure is same as any other embassy attestation; HRD from home secretariat, Ministry of External Affairs seal, and Embassy attestation.

Documents needed for Egypt Embassy Attestation

  • Passport copy of the applicant
  • Original Certificate
  • Authorization letter (if the embassy asks)
  • Documents will be extra if local HRD is needed

MEA + Egypt Embassy Attestation

Normal process                            : 4000 (HRD charges separate) 6-10 working days

Urgent process                             : 5000 (HRD charges separate) 4-6 working days

Notary + Mantralaya HRD/SDM + MEA + Egypt Embassy Attestation

Normal process                            : 6000 (8-12 working days)

Urgent process                             : 7000 (6-8 working days)

Very Important Notice:

  • To get attestation on experience certificates or Bona fide certificates, the embassy may ask to submit original degree attested by the embassy or copy of the same certificate.
  • The embassy can change the process and documentation even when your attestation is in process.
  • Process time mentioned above is approximate and usually followed, no guarantee or deadline can be given regarding the process time.
  • Local HRD documentation you may check in our website or confirm with our office staff.


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