Apostille for Italy

Apostille is the same for all countries accepting Hauge Convention rules. Like other European countries, Italy is also part of this convention. The process to get an apostille on an educational certificate is simple; notary, HRD from state home department, then lastly apostille from central government.

The process

  1. Notary → HRD/GAD from the respective state home department → Apostille sticker from central government
  2. Notary → SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate) seal → Apostille sticker from central government

The 1st process above is done on educational, birth and marriage certificates.
The 2nd process is done on non-educational documents like bank certificates, property certificates, income certificate, etc.

Italian Translation

Almost 80% of those who look for apostille go for higher studies. In recent years the number of student intake has increased from

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